Jazz Nights at Arthur’s

Arthur's Jazz VebueWith Jazz on the rise in Dublin, one of the fastest growing Jazz venues in Dublin is Arthur’s on Thomas Street. With a number of regular Jazz nights and some great upcoming shows, Arthur’s is quickly becoming one of the promiment Jazz venues in Dublin.

On Wednesday nights you can find both the Dirty Jazz Club and the BlueMoods jazz showcase.

Recent months have seen BlueMoods concerts from the CEO Experiment, ReDiViDeR led by Matthew Jacobson, Oxygen Thief – a new trio led by Chris Guilfoyle and a sold out show by Dublin singer Ríona Sally Hartman.

The Dirty Jazz Club is also a great offering of mid-week jazz run by one of Sligo’s great jazzmen Cathal Roche featuring some of the most burning jazz music to be found in Dublin from the Dirty Jazz house band and featured appearances by groups such as F-Job – a new group formed by Cormac O’Brien, Matthew Jacobson and Greg Felton. Wednesdays are not to be missed in Arthurs.

One upcoming show to look forward to is July’s segment of the BlueMoods series ‘Roamers’. This will be a 2 night run on the 5th and 6th of July, run in conjunction with the IMC and Diatribe Records. It’s a show that will bring together four of the most prominent Irish musicians; Matthew Jacobson, Lauren Kinsella, Matthew Halpin and Simon Jermyn. As they are based in Dublin, London, New York and Cologne this will be a very rare opportunity to see all four of these ‘Roamers’ together in Ireland – not to be missed.

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