The Leeson Lounge Quartet

The Leeson Lounge QuartetThe Leeson Lounge is the place to be on a Tuesday night. This residency has been running for years between the Leeson Street bridge and the new DT Hilton hotel (The Burlington to you and me). The Lounge Quartet regulars are Brian Wynne on saxophone, Tom Harte on Guitar, Paid McConolog on Double Bass and  Tom Dunne on Drums. Every week they have a guest appearance from a prominent singer or instrumentalist working the Dublin Jazz scene. Now and again they will feature a welcome overseas visitor who may be just passing through. The quality of the Jazz is second to none but the atmosphere in the lounge is casual and laid back. Admission is free but after the quality entertainment you won’t feel guilty by giving generously to the tip jar. 

Music starts around 9.00pm. 

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