ÄTSCH – Mattias Winkler

A new jazz residency comes to Dublin’s newest music venue, The Front Door on Dame Street.  Matters Winkler and Ätsch will be playing every Sunday from 5.00pm – 8.00pm

Band Bio

“ÄTSCH” is a Dublin based quartet formed by German guitarist Matthias Winkler in 2016 while studying music in Ireland. By now ÄTSCH is an active part of Dublin´s instrumental music and Jazz scene.

The Band performs instrumental music in the spirit of exiting jazz improvisation within the sound aesthetics of modern-day Postrock.

“ÄTSCH” is merging lyrical melodies with strong individual solo performances. Being influenced on the one hand by Postrock such as “Sigur Rós” or “Explosions in the Sky” and on the other hand by contemporary Jazz artists like “Gilad Hekselman” or “Julian Lage”.

ÄTSCH always tries to find the right balance between atmospheric soundscapes and exiting improvisation. On their debut EP recorded in 2017 you can hear great melodic sensibility for catchy tunes as well as an ongoing musical dialog between all of the musicians, bringing their own personality to each of the tunes.

ÄTSCH sticks out by not only appealing to a few music intellectuals, but by combining modern sounds and melodies with strong individual and collective improvisation.

Website: www.matthiaswinklermusic.com

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