Jazz on Radio

Sean Brophy PresenterJAZZ MINE Sean Brophy Presents The Jazz Scene on Dublincityfm 103.2. The show goes out at 5pm every Saturday.  At Jazz Scene Sean aims to bring examples of jazz development from ragtime right up through swing, big band, be bop, cool jazz etc. In this task he have a multitude of recordings up to and including new releases and does his utmost to provide a 360 degree look at the music known collectively as jazz.



Brian PriestlyJazz hour with Kerry Radio’s Brian Priestley covers a wide range of music, from big-name artists such as Ella Fitzgerald and Miles Davis to other great musicians and singers who will get you in the groove. Brian’s love of the music guarantees that, whether you’re a newcomer to jazz or already have your own favourites, this is a show for you.