Aoife Doyle – This Time the Dreams on Me

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AoifeDoyle_CDBooklet2013.inddAoife Doyle Graduated out of the Newpark Music Centre in 2008 with a B.A. in Jazz Performance. On her first album she has come together with some of Ireland’s foremost music talents and produced a work of some interest. It’s a well constructed album with some worthwhile arrangements of popular songs such as I’ll be your baby tonight, the Bob Dylan song which is given some sensitivity respect by the musicians. Also chosen for the shortlist of tracks to appear on the album is a wonderful composition by Brian Dunning called Darker Shade of Blue where the flutists features. The vocal on this track is a very touching and emotional driven performance. In fact, throughout the record Doyle’s vocal is given a clear unmistakable prominence in the production mix which is a pleasant welcome from listening to first class singers getting swallowed up by their accompanying musicians.  

 Dominic Mullan is notable on this recording, as he possesses a beautiful light touch to all his playing which is clear to hear in his live performances and which he continues it here.

If there is an observation to be made it is that Doyle’s vocal strays away from that of a pure Jazz singer performance and flows over to that of a classic Blues singer as on She’s Got You or the blues track of Oh, Atlanta where Doyle’s singing borders on the Folk songs of the sixties.

There’s no doubt that Doyle has a powerful clear vocal ability, the question is weather she has found her singing home in Jazz? 

Overall This Time the Dreams on Me is worth having a look at and if this is the first music project then there is certainly good things to look forward to in the following projects. 



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