CORMAC KENEVEY – Friday 13th September 2013

Artist/Band: Cormac and Chris Kenevey
Release date: 2013/09/13
Venue: John Field Room, The NCH
Reviewer name: Dominic Reilly

Cormac Kenevey Face on

Cormac Kenevey played a wonder set on Friday 13th Sept. in the National Concert Hall. It was a lunchtime show and there was a large appreciariative audience to hear him sing a mixture of popular songs such as Randy’s Crawford’s Some Day I’ll Fly Away to wonderful standards like I’ve grown accustomed to her face from My Fair Lady. He was accompanied on Piano by his Father, Chris who’s knowledge of the music is impressive. Chris played some thoughtful solos which were generously received by the audience. Also in the line up was American bass player Dan Bodwell. 

Kenevey is arguably one of the best vocal talents in the country today and he posses an ability to invite the listener in and take them on a journey through the story of the song an example of which was a very thought provoking rendition of the Paul Simon classic Train in the Distance. 

The real beauty of Kenevey’s talent is his ability to effortlessly switch from era to era. One minute he is captivating the audience with the soft melody of the 30’s hit All I Do is Dream of You to the spine chilling Bowie hit Space Oddity. Both are handled in a seamlessly professional manner and both are performed with a real honesty. 

Kenevey has been away from the limelight too long with the birth of two young children over the last three years. However he still has a huge command of his audience and we look forward to seeing Kenevey scaling the heights of stardom once again. 

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