Plaza Real @ Dublin Jazz Co-op

Sun, Jul 15th at 19:30
Venue: The Workman's Club

Adm: €10.00

Featuring: Barry O'Donohue - Bass
Chris Engel - soprano sax,
Darragh O’Kelly - synths, piano
Eamonn Cagney - percussion
Shane O’Donovan - drums.

Bassist Barry Donohue leads ‘Plaza Real’, a band dedicated to playing the music of 70/80’s jazz fusion group Weather Report. This is a really exciting project for Barry, as it pays tribute to a very special moment in his life – the moment his father Frank gifting him with ‘Heavy Weather’, one of Weather Report’s most highly regarded albums, featuring Jaco Pastorius on electric bass. This album jarred and transformed thirteen-year-old Barry’s preconceptions of the role of the bass guitar in music. He is joined by good friends and exceptional musicians Chris Engel on soprano sax, Darragh O’Kelly on synths and many forms of the piano, Eamonn Cagney on percussion, and Shane O’Donovan on drums.

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