Miles Brevis @ the Dublin Jazz Co-op

Sun, Jul 29th at 19:30
Venue: The Workman's Club

Adm: €10.00


Maya Elliot - Piano
Kevin Higgins - Bass
Brendan Doherty - Drums

Miles Brevis is a new piano trio whose smooth yet syncopated music weaves an entrancing vibe. Their original compositions, somewhere between jazz, ambient and fusion, conjure up the painterly atmospheres of a J.M.W. Turner or Whistler. Expect moods ranging from wistful to suddenly stormy, and back to soothing surface and languid longing. Miles Brevis features the classically-trained Maja Elliot on piano, who takes influences from Debussy, Bill Evans and minimal music. Her liquid, luminous arpeggiations form a golden thread guiding the trio. Kevin Higgins on electric bass and Brendan Doherty on drums provide deft rhythmic interplay and a welcome drop of scrappy soul within the group’s intricate compositions.

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