Ingrid Laubrock Anti House (Ger/USA)

Sat, May 5th at 9.30pm
Venue: BRAY JAZZ FESTIVAL - Novara Avenue Parochial Hall, Bray

Adm: €14.00


Ingrid Laubrock - Saxophone
Tom Rainey - Drums
John Hebert - Drums
Mary Halvorson - Guitar
Kris Davis - Piano

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German-born saxophonist and composer Ingrid Laubrock is firmly established as a major figure in New York’s downtown left-field music scene. With ‘Anti-House’, she brings together virtuoso experimental guitarist Mary Halverson, pianist Kris Davis, bass player John Hebert and drummer Tom Rainey to create a sound that is endlessly inventive – engaging and challenging in equal measure. Laubrock is a past winner of the BBC Jazz Award for innovation, and won a ‘Rising Star’ of saxophone at the 2015 ‘Downbeat Annual Critics’ Awards. She explores compelling musical themes as collective conversations emerge from clean-toned soprano-sax swirls, or dark, melancholy low-tenor exhalations. Mary Halvorson supplies harp-like jangles, oblique swing or squalling noise, while pianist Davis can be abstractly percussive or lyrical, while Rainey is delicately textural or joltingly propulsive as the circumstances shift. “Creative jazz will always retain its capacity to surprise as long as groups like saxophonist Ingrid Laubrock’s Anti-House are performing and recording”

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