Colette Cassidy & Nigel Clark

Wed, Sep 13th at 20.30
Venue: Bagots Hutton Live, 6 Ormond Quay, Dublin 7

Adm: €12.00

Colette Cassidy - Vocals
Nigel Clark - Guitar

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Fresh from their success in the National Concert Hall opening for Joey Alexander, Colette Cassidy & Nigel Clark will play a number of dates in Dublin’s newest music venue, Bagots Hutton Live. Situated at 6 Ormond Quay, Dublin 7 just a few paces from Capel Street Bridge, Colette & Nigel will perform 3 intimate gigs on Wednesday 6th, 13th and 20th September. 

Colette & Nigel recieved a tremendous reception when they performed songs from their current album Confetti Falling In The Rain in Earlsfort Terrace back in July with Colette’s enchanting voice and Nigel’s virtuoso guitar playing captivating the audience. 

Confetti Falling In The Rain” is the debut album from this songwriting duo. 

In 2014 guitarist and music producer Nigel Clark found love inIreland – and made the move from his native Scotland to Dublin. Bringing with him a wealth of music experience particularly as a collaborator and accompanist to some of the world’s outstanding vocal talents, including Moya Brennan, Carol Kidd and Gloria Gaynor, he also established a duo project with Irish jazz vocalist Colette Cassidy.

They began working together and Nigel quickly realised that he had stumbled upon a major undiscovered Irish songwriting talent; as Nigel recalls “Colette’s lyrics read like poetry.” The resulting album of twelve original songs blends the traditions of classic Irish Ballads and The Great American Songbook. The image of Confetti and it’s variety of colours provides the backdrop to the album’s storytelling as each individual song brings the listener on an emotional journey of Life’s joy and pain and the surprise of Love.

The title track “Confetti Falling in the Rain ” tells the story of a love affair that can never be, leaving behind the hopes and dreams of one person and their chance for happiness. There are a number of torch songs throughout the album sung with real emotion. “Another Sleepless Night “, “When You’re In Love ” and “Maybe ” are songs telling the story of a love coming to an end and the pain of finally letting go. Other tracks on the album include a cheeky blues telling a story of forbidden love called “After Hours “. “Next Time You’ll Fall” and “Blue Gas Flame” brings us back to the Jazz roots of this album. There is a taste of an old Irish Ballad with “Tales When We Were Young” where two people reignite love from their youth. One of the highlights on the album is the very touching lullaby “A Mother’s Love “ sung from a Mother to her Child.

Colette Cassidy

Colette Cassidy is a classically trained singer based in Dublin who at the early stages of her musical career was drawn to the allure of jazz. Over the years she has performed with Ireland’s finest jazz musicians. Her voice is pure and distinctive in tone and above all captivating. Her phrasing is immaculate. With this album she has discovered a newfound talent for composing wonderfully sensitive lyrics that are touching and inspiring. Along with fellow collaborator Nigel Clark they have formed a writing partnership that is sure to flourish into the future.

Nigel Clark

Nigel Clark is a native of Glasgow. He moved to London at the age of eighteen and was to become one of the most critically acclaimed guitarists in the UK. He performed, recorded and toured with the Glasgow band Hue & Cry for several years in the late eighties, enjoying enormous popular success. He worked with vocalists Carol Kidd and Gloria Gaynor. Now based in Dublin he has formed a new musical partnership with Colette Cassidy bringing into being a superb collection of songs for their debut album.

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