Dublin based musician Ríona Sally Hartman released her debut EP Sealegs, ?a wonderfully crafted pop record with jazz and classical sensibilities? (le cool), in 2009 and is currently completing her debut album Big Starving Thing. The first track from the album, entitled Frida Kahlo?s Delight, has been described as ?self-assured with a beautiful touch of jazz? (The Irish Times) and is available online. 

Her songwriting has been likened to Laura Marling (le cool), Julie Feeney (New Found Sounds podcast) and Ani DiFranco (BalconyTV update) all filtered through her own unique pop aesthetic. 

Ríona is also lead singer of Dig A Little Deeper, a group lead by songwriter and guitarist Mick Stuart. The band’s debut album has been garnering praise such as ‘A beautifully tight group’ (Walter Love BBC Radio Ulster) and ‘Ríona Hartman is a polished singer, expressing tenderness in the ballads and bitter-sweet humour in numbers like You Push, I Pull and Boy Oh Boy‘ (The Sunday Independent).

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