The ‘TheGinaJazz ‘ is an exciting new band to hit the Dublin Jazz scene. With an entirely original music style music covers a broad spectrum from Jazz standards to original material. ‘TheGinaJazz’ album is set to be released early 2015

‘TheGINAJazz’ Lineup:
Gina Pukaite LT/IE (vocal/lyrics)
Gediminas Karkauskas LT/IE (piano)
Cormac O’Brien IE (double bass)
Stephen Davis UK (drums)


Gina Pukaite (vocal/lyrics)

Gina Pukaite is a singer and lyricist based in Dublin, Ireland. She is regarded as one of the most gifted young artists to emerge in recent years. Gina has been disarming audience in Ireland, London and Lithuania. As well as possessing a wonderfully ‘colorful’ & rich voice, she is renowned for her captivating stage presence and talents. 

Gediminas Karkauskas (piano)
One of the finest piano players & exceptional composer with years of performing, recording experience in Ireland and Internationally. 
He holds Masters in Jazz Performance. Inspired by legendary figures such as Barry Harris , John Taylor, Kenny Warner.Gediminas is active in both fields of classical and jazz music and worked with some of the leading Irish and International musicians like Louise Stewart, Richie Buckley, Dave Fleming, Linley Hamilton, Stephen Davis, Hugh Buckley 

‘I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Gediminas in Sligo in 2012. He is a very talented pianist and an inventive improviser with a great deal of potential. He’s full of interesting musical ideas and spontaneity and I look forward to hearing more of his imaginative music making in the future’-John Taylor.TheGinaJazz

Cormac O’Brien (double bassCormac O’Brien is one of Dublin’s most prominent double bass players and he has performed and recorded with many of Ireland’s finest musicians, such as Louis Stewart, Tommy Halferty, Michael Buckley, Hugh Buckley, The Kai Big Band, The Zoid Ensemble, Lunfardia, Yurodny, Jack L and Mary Coughlan. He has also played with a range of international artists such as Bobby Watson, Jamie Baum, Dave Allen, Ryan Quigley, Bjorn Vidar Solli, and Bruce Adams. He has held the bass chair in the Dublin City Jazz Orchestra since its inception and is a member of the Hibernia Orchestra. Cormac also co-founded the group Rhythm Method, for whom he also composes and is a member of Phisqa. In 2012 Cormac set up the Jazz Central, a short live but successful jazz venue, and has been involved with other collectives such as Rutland place and Donkey Jaw Productions.

Stephen Davis (drums)
In 2003 he toured with the European Jazz Orchestra, playing 25 dates throughout all the member states; Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and so on. Living in 
London for the last 3 years he has been playing drums with the cream of London’s jazz community, players such as Evan Parker, Django Bates, Julian Seigal, 
Dylan Bates, Annie Whitehead etc. Also performed with many European and American musicians, Dick Oats, Curtis Fuller, Alan Vache, Brunno Tommasso, Brian Irvine etc 



Press review:
…’Dynamic drum pulsation, soft and transparent piano solos. And of course vocalist Gina (Grazina Pukaite)….she was not dominating…In other words, she is the jewel of the trio, that is rarely found.

Connections with classical music and spoken word in a “Street View catcher” captured the attention and reminded me of the Gil Scott Heron tune ’The revolution will not be televised’. It’s really rare when acoustic subtle performances get rapturous applause. The Gina Jazz trio achieved it and completely captured everyone’s attention. 

At the Final composition ‘II Easy’ ….Gediminas Karkauskas piano passages made me to look at my colleague nearby 
questioning-is this the new 
Esbjorn Svensson? Others had the same thoughts about similarity with the famous Swedish pianist.But this cannot be considered copying. It is born of a shared level of performance that is electric, a performance 
that is at one with its audience The Gina Jazz trio found a way not only to Broma Jazz listener’s ears, but hearts too. …they have left stage after loud and sustained applause. Vocalist Gina promised to come they would be back
next year’-by J.Gricevicius “Jazz Jungtys” organiser, Broma Jazz’14 Festival critic (LT)


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