Equinox is a Netherlands based quintet co-led by guitarist Dan Nicholas, who comes from New York City, and bassist Johnny Daly, a native of Dublin Ireland. Joining them are three of the top jazz musicians in the Netherlands; tenor saxophone titan Simon Rigter, the elegant and adventurous pianist Bob Wijnen and master drummer Marcel Serierse. The music of Equinox is a colorful mix of deep grooves, sophisticated improvisation, lyrical melodies, funky rhythms, rootsy blues, lush ballads and exciting, high energy swinging. 

Veteran vocalist Marjorie Barnes was born and raised in New York City. From Jazz to Soul, R&B, Funk, Broadway and back, Marjorie has done it all. In a long and varied career, her vocal gifts have shined brightly alongside such legends as Frank Sinatra, Marcus Miller, Lena Horne, Mel Lewis and many others. 

The meeting between Equinox and Marjorie Barnes is done in a true collaborative spirit, with the band’s signature sound acting as a platform for tailor made arrangements that perfectly fit Marjorie’s unique vocal gifts. While

Johnny Daly in RonniesEquinox also remain focused on the instrumental interplay for which they are known, Marjorie brings an emotional and dynamic depth to the band’s live shows which makes for a fully engaging concert experience.

For more information on Equinox please visit http://www.equinoxjazzquintet.com or follow us on Facebook at Equinox & Equinox Jazz Promotions.


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