About us






Dominic Reilly is proud to announce the launch of the all new Dublinjazzz.ie website. The original website had been a successful and well supported site that was an excellent gig guide for Jazz events in Dublin and around the  country. Dominic saw the opportunity to take Dublinjazz.ie to a new level. We recognised that there was a  growing population of keen Jazz fans hungry for information on their favourite music genre.  

Dublinjazz.ie sets out to be a Go-To place for all your information about Jazz in Ireland. We feature CD releases, previews of forthcoming Gigs and concerts, reviews of pass events, Bios of the Jazz personalities in Ireland and Internationally. 

Dublinjazz.ie is strongly connected to Teddy D Promotions which is a company inaugurated in 2013. Teddy D Promotions aims to bring to the Irish Jazz fan the best in National and International Jazz talent and promote concerts in varies venues in Ireland.